Who We Are

Living Design Lab is a Baltimore-based minority-owned small business that applies architecture, interior design, planning, and urban design to holistically solve social, economic and environmental problems.  The firm was established in 2013 and has since become recognized for its thought leadership, design excellence and public advocacy.  Coming from global design firms, principals Davin Hong and Kevin Day have formed Living Design Lab as a small firm uniquely equipped with big firm expertise.  Together, the team boasts an acclaimed portfolio of diverse project types, varying in scale, use, and complexity.  The firm applies a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to ensure projects are successful by every measure.  The approach goes beyond the traditional boundaries of the design profession to engage projects from conception to realization, leveraging research, analyses and design thinking to best inform clients' decisions.

We Design Solutions

At Living Design Lab, we aim to deliver projects that are successful by every measure. In all our work, we endeavor to find the “elegant solution,” designs that are resolved with simplicity, comprehensive yet without excess.  Our goal for every project is to balance the visionary with the pragmatic, in order to create places that are uplifting, functional, and efficient.

We Help You Make the Best Decisions

We know that every project is a significant investment with significant implications.  With such high stakes and infinite possibilities, a project can be daunting for any client.  Through a process of in-depth investigation rooted in careful observation, research, and analysis, we will go beyond presuppositions to help you define your goals and make the best informed decisions.

We Collaborate and Build Consensus

We understand what it takes to deliver a successful project.  It begins with a process that engages clients as active participants.  We believe that good design emerges out of a collaborative process.  As such, we also recognize the value brought by strong multidisciplinary teams.  Because of this, we are very selective in choosing teammates to ensure we can deliver the best service.

We Make Great Places of Lasting Significance

At Living Design Lab, every project is approached with the human experience in mind.  In the end, the built environment should be made to help people thrive, enabling them to be free from inefficiencies, dysfunction, dehumanization or alienation.  Places should promote happiness, community, collaboration, comfort, function, productivity and health.  From this philosophy, we endeavor to create a built environment that holds lasting significance.  This is the complete picture of sustainability, one in which the social and the economic is valued with the environmental.

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