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Civic Work Tiny House

Baltimore, Maryland

As Board Member, Davin Hong designed the Tiny House as a pilot project for Civic Works.  The project is at once a workforce development tool as well as a demonstration piece for both green construction and innovative housing.


Over the course of eight months, participants from Civic Works YouthBuild program built a Tiny House as an exciting addition to the ongoing hands-on job training programs. YouthBuild gives opportunity to Baltimore City youth who have either dropped out of high school or who require extra training and education. The Tiny House project participants gained new skills while simultaneously creating an affordable home that can be used as a model in sustainable living options. The Tiny House is a 200-square-foot abode on wheels that features more than a dozen “green” and energy-saving materials or technologies, including a tankless water heater, a “pedal generator” that produces power via pumping arms and legs, a cool roof and a solar-powered ventilator. The house does have propane heat and a back-up battery to keep the lights and appliances on when the sun isn’t shining. On October 19, 2015, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake unveiled the Tiny House as the Baltimore Energy Challenge Mobile Energy Education Center. The City has been using it to inspire residents and business to become more energy-efficient, and to educate students on green technology and additional options in sustainable living.


To see more details, visit the Civic Works Website.


332 St Paul Place

Suite 120

Baltimore MD . 21202

(410) 928-4056


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