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Baltimore, Maryland

Living Design Lab created a feasibility study is to develop a stakeholder-based program of activities and produce a concept plan based on existing site opportunities and constraints. The concept is to be specific enough to reflect zoning and regulatory as well as real estate market realities and general enough to allow flexibility as opportunities to include additional or changing investors evolve.  The study includes business models for development costs and operational costs to provide guidance on implementation.  This feasibility study is intended be used to engage stakeholders, approach potential investors and solidify community consensus on the program.


The proposed design recognizes the past history of the site as an open space and incorporates an open space element that can accommodate programmed or un-programmed activities and also serves as the link between the Jubilee Arts rowhouse and the new facility.


The new facility creates a presence along Pennsylvania Avenue and aspires to the height of Jubilee Arts building. The rear alley is kept open but could be added as program space at a later time through an alley closure process. Initially the lots north of the alley would serve as an adjunct accessory space for the facility and could accommodate parking and limited outdoor vocational training space as long as it isn’t impacting nearby residences.


The interior spaces are organized around a central “commons” which act as the architectural anchor of the proposed building inside and out. First and second floors are for the most part more public and designated to services while the upper floors are designated to be more private and income producing. There is flexibility regarding how much space each of the use categories take up. There is an aspiration to make the building envelope part of the common good, for example through potential partial double facades to grow eatables or through use of the roof for a greenhouse or photovoltaic panels to offset electric consumption or generate additional income.



332 St Paul Place

Suite 120

Baltimore MD . 21202

(410) 928-4056


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