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Moore Square

Raleigh, North Carolina

The city is a tapestry: a patchwork of places, districts, and neighborhoods threaded together by pathways and streets.  Since its inception as a planned city, the Raleigh city grid formed a network of pedestrian and vehicular pathways woven together to create a complex fabric of spaces, functions and social environments.   Within this fabric, Moore Square was laid down as an important patch of urban space for leisure, activity and gathering.  Historically, Moore Square stood as a unique urban space, transcending social barriers and serving a wide and diverse cross-section of the city’s population.


The proposed design desires to build upon this rich history of unification.  Recognizing Moore Square as a point of convergence within the fabric of the city, the design extends key pathways to fortify linkages and form active spaces.  Important pedestrian pathways are emphasized forming two powerful cross axes, linking the city from the Marbles Museum to City Market and from the bus station to east Raleigh as symbolically fronted by the historic church.  At the intersection of these two axes is an active point of gathering with a splash fountain and café seating under a trellis shade canopy.  While these spaces create a focal point, the park is also left open and flexible allowing a wide range of activities to happen: from farmers’ markets to outdoor movies, festivals to casual picnics or recreation.  The design provides Raleigh inhabitants a variety of spaces, including lawns, gardens, and hardscape, spaces that range from vast and open to intimate and personal.  These conditions provide moments for rest and repose as well as places for dynamic interaction.  By building upon the connective ability of Moore Square, the design seeks to enhancing force to the surrounding context while simultaneously provoking thoughtful future development for the City of Raleigh.



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Suite 120

Baltimore MD . 21202

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