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Patriot Plaza

Columbia, Maryland

The proposed design will transform the Plaza to become an inviting, active environment that can accommodate a variety of activities ranging from casual to formal. At the center is a lawn, providing a flexible space for picnicing, seating, assembly, or even light recreation. The curved edge of the lawn creates natural pathways linking to the Historic Courthouse Gardens. Around this lawn are carefully placed elements that provide spaces for a range of social interactions. The embankment on the north will be transformed to be an amphitheater space that not only provides seating, but also becomes a grand stair to the plaza from W. Pennsylvania Avenue.


At the south end, this amphitheater is mirrored, but as a stepped, occupied roof deck atop a cafe that fronts W. Chesapeake Avenue. The cafe will provide much needed commercial activity on the street while also attracting activity to the Plaza. Situated between the courthouse and the public parking garage, the cafe will also be a convenient stop for employees and visitors of the courthouse. The focal point of the Plaza is a covered wood deck that doubles as a park pavilion and a performance stage. Events on the stage will activate the lawn, amphitheater and even the courtyard steps to become a popular venue for the arts ranging from concerts to outdoor movie screenings. The pavilion also provides a pleasant shaded seating area shielded from mechanical equipment noise by the masonry wall forming the stage backdrop.


Meanwhile, connectivity to street life is improved by the removal of fencing, berms, and relocation of monuments to be in front of the Courthouse. A new stair on the northeast corner and ramps oriented to commercial streets will also improve access and utilization of the Plaza. The design will transform the austere Patriot Plaza to be a destination for both casual gathering and programmed events, establishing it as a functional and meaningful part of Downtown Towson.



332 St Paul Place

Suite 120

Baltimore MD . 21202

(410) 928-4056


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